The History of Darwin International Buddhist Temple

The first meeting for the formation of a Buddhist Society in Darwin was convened by Sai Nyunt, of Burmese origin and held at the Migrant resource and Settlement Centre in
Darwin City on 3 March 1983. The BSNT did not have land or a building then and made use of the Centre and the Anula Primary School Hall for our meetings, fund raising events and celebrations. Ajahn Jagaro, Abbott of the Bodhinyana Monastery in WA officiated at our first Vesak celebration, held at the Hall, by courtesy of the Anula School.

Subsequently the NT Government granted us the present land at 37 Parkside Crescent, Leanyer, and the deeds were formally handed over on 15 November 1985. The members undertook the serious task of raising funds to build up the new Kuti or Monk’s residence, by organising food fairs at Dry season festivals and multicultural dinners at the MRSC..

The Bodhi Tree

The Baby Tree was planted on 24 May 1986, with all due honours by Mrs Joan Johnston, wife of the Administrator of the Northern Territory, Commodore Eric Johnston, who wasthe first Patron of the BSNT.
Ven Chao Khun Suvirayan, of the Stanmore Thai temple in Sydney, was invited by the
BSNT to officiate at the Ceremony, with Chanting of Parittha and Blessings in Pali and

In the early days we did not have a fence round the site, and vandals on bicycles had ridden in and broken off stems of the young sapling. Two of these stems were taken home by Somsong and Trevor Albert and lovingly tended, to be planted out later to become the other two Bodhi Trees at the Site. Prasad Senaratna later replanted the main Bodhi tree in a larger excavation, with more garden soil. 

Abstraction- The history of the Bodhi tree by Shreeni Ranasinghe 

Venerable Maha Sangha

Most Venerable , Udahene Seelarathana Thero

Ven,Udahene Seelarathana Thero is the most senior monk and chief incumbent currently residing at the Darwin International Buddhist Temple. He joined with the temple in 2010 and serving to Darwin community for more than ten years. Udahene Seelarathana Thero has a sound knowledge of  Theravada Buddhist teachings and he is a valuable asset to the Darwin community and  BSNT. Ven, Seelarathana Thero hold the current spiritual adviser position in the BSNT. 

Venerable , Kulugammana Wimalajothi Thero

Ven, Wimalajothi Thero is serving to the Darwin community since 2018 and contributing his knowledge to develop Darwin youth and guiding them to the Buddhist teaches. He has a sound knowledge of Theravada Buddhist teachings and meditation.

Venerable, Thích Nữ Giới Huyền (Sư Cô) 

Venerable Thích Nữ Giới Huyền (Sư Cô)  is residing at the International Buddhist Centre to guide Vietnamese Buddhists and conduct Saturday morning chanting. She joined with the temple in 2019 and teaches Mahayana stream of Buddhist teaches to the community.