Sri Lankan Buddhist Society

Sri Lankan Buddhist community organises Theravada Dhamma talks, Dhamma School for kids, Meditation and spiritual advises to Sri Lankan community and other communities in Darwin on every Sundays and Fridays. Please contact Buddhist monks for further info.

Vietnamese Buddhist Society of the Northern Territory

 Vietnamese Buddhist society provides various Mahayana Dhamma talks , Dhamma schools and other spiritual advises to Vietnamese and all Darwin communities on every Saturdays . There have also been Tai Chi classes, Taekwondo, dance rehearsals, lion dance practice, etc. 

Darwin Western Zen Group

Darwin Western Zen Group offers effortless meditation, non-dual inquiry support and a spiritual community to all those meditators interested in taking the philosophy of Buddhism into their lives. Dharma talks, discussions, individual spiritual inquiry, koan introspection and retreats are part of our practice. The emphasis is on transformation through insight to find freedom, peace and joy in every moment. All meditators regardless of cultural, spiritual background or orientation are welcome on Wednesdays

Lankan Dance Academy NT (LDANT)

The primary objective of this academy is to teach and train the youth in the Territory about the various forms of traditional Sri Lankan Kandyan dancing. Since its inception, the academy has trained numerous students and has performed in various community events. LDANT classes are held every Sunday at BSNT,Leanyer Buddhist Temple.


Sri Lankan Dance Academy of Darwin

The Sri Lankan Dance Academy of Darwin founded by Omaya Padmaperuma is an organisation dedicated to preserving ancient traditional dance forms, and nurturing the modern dancing arts, of Sri Lanka. As SLDA of Darwin, our driving ambitions are to share Sri Lanka’s rich dance culture with the public and to foster an interest in Sri Lankan dance for our children growing up in Darwin.